Update November 19, 2021 – Artarmon Village streetscape concept plans – With input from the community and local businesses the APA has provided feedback to the council on the concept plan. (see photo below as an example of the proposed concept) See HERE and HERE to view submissions to Council from the APA. Artarmon Progress Association strongly support greater utilisation and activation of the Artarmon Village Green that runs along the eastern side of the Artarmon train station.

September 20, 2021 – Introduction of new 40km/h High Pedestrian Activity Area restrictions. Council is working with the local community to improve local amenity and return a real ‘sense of place’ to the Artarmon local centre. Council, in partnership with Transport for NSW, will introduce a 40km/h High Pedestrian Activity Area (HPAA) restriction in the Artarmon Local Centre from Monday 20 September 2021. The maximum speed limit is 40km/h at all times within the HPAA. Changes to the local road environment were implemented to support the new lower speed limit and improve safety for pedestrians.

For more information please visit: https://www.willoughby.nsw.gov.au/Council/News-and-media/Artarmon-local-centre-40kmh-speed-limit . If you have any further questions regarding the works, please contact Daniel Sui, WCC Senior Transport Engineer on 9777 1000 during business hours.

The 40km/h limit applies to the areas in pink.

August 13, 2021 – The proposed 40km/h High Pedestrian Activity Area (40 HPAA) signage/markings plan is currently being reviewed by TfNSW. Once approved by TfNSW, Council will install the signs and pavement markings.  As these signs/markings are speed regulatory changes to the area speed zone, only TfNSW have the authority to approve/change the area speed zone.  A series of community communication campaigns will be rolled out as part of the introduction for new speed zone for Artarmon Local Centre.

May 24, 2021. – APA Public Information Meeting on WCC Current and Planned Works for Artarmon Public Domain was held on Wed. 16 June.

April 24, 2021. – Construction of traffic calming devices along Hampden Road, commencing 26 April – For more information go to: https://www.willoughby.nsw.gov.au/Council/News-and-media/Artarmon-Local-Centre-Traffic-Calming-Project

March 12, 2021. 40kph High Pedestrian Activity Area 

The works planned to follow are: Elizabeth Street (north of Bridge St, i.e. Cameron Ave car park entry) – installation of new raised pedestrian crossing facilities (wombat crossing) and “No Stopping” zones resulting in the loss of 3 parking spaces on the eastern side and 1 space on the western side. Elizabeth Street (south of Bridge St) – installation of raised road threshold. Elizabeth Street (near numbers 25 and 38) – installation of raised road threshold. Hampden Road (between Brand & Francis) – installation of raised road threshold. Hampden Road (near number 35 and 36) – installation of raised road threshold. Jersey Road (near Hampden Lane) – installation of kerb blisters, resulting in the loss of 1 parking space on the southern side, to meet the current 10m No-Stopping zone at an intersection. Francis  Road  (near Hampden Lane) – installation of kerb blisters, resulting in the loss of 1 parking space on the southern side and 1 space on the northern side, to meet the current 10m No-Stopping zone at an intersection. Broughton Road (near Hampden Lane- installation of kerb blisters

January 23, 2021 – Stage One of the Artarmon Local Centres Public Domain Master Plan is scheduled to commence in March 2021. Traffic calming measures will be installed on Elizabeth Street, Hampden Road (near the Brand Street roundabout and McMillan Road) as well as minor works on Francis, Broughton and Jersey Roads.

November 15, 2020 – Council has adopted the Master Plan as the primary design guide for all future public domain projects in the Artarmon Local Centre and endorsed the commencement of detailed design and documentation for Stages 1 and 2.  Stage 1 covers traffic calming in Elizabeth St as well as around the village and is planned to commence early next year. Council has released designs for a new “wombat” crossing outside 26 Hampden Rd.  When this crossing is installed, Council plans to remove the pedestrian refuge on the crest of the hill near Cleland Rd.  APA is concerned that all residents in the area east of Hampden Rd, including those in Cleland and Parkes have not been notified of the proposed changes.

The Artarmon Local Centre Masterplan can be seen HERE

September 2, 2020 -The APA submission to Willoughby City Council can be found HERE

August 28, 2020 – A copy of the Willoughby City Council’s Webinar on their plans for the Artarmon Local centre can be viewed HERE

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