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15 November 2020 – Council has adopted the Master Plan as the primary design guide for all future public domain projects in the Artarmon Local Centre and endorsed the commencement of detailed design and documentation for Stages 1 and 2.  Stage 1 covers traffic calming in Elizabeth St as well as around the village and is planned to commence early next year.

The Artarmon Local Centre Masterplan can be seen HERE

2nd September 2020 -The APA submission to Willoughby City Council can be found HERE

28th August 2020 – A copy of the Willoughby City Council’s Webinar on their plans for the Artarmon Local centre can be viewed HERE

Update November 10, 2020. The latest submission to the Willoughby City Council from the Artarmon Progress Association (APA) and the Willoughby South Progress Association (WSPA) can be seen HERE.

The council has new information regarding the proposal that can be seen HERE. The preferred design option is the “Artarmon Pavilion – Concept Design 2”. It can be viewed HERE.

Update October 19, 2020. The APA recently met with Council to discuss Council’s changed community consultation schedule and ways to work more collaboratively in future. Key outcomes included:

Consultation: APA (and WSPA) have been invited to provide feedback to Council on the concept design by 9 November. Please send your feedback to the APA secretary (see HERE for contact details) by Monday 2 November 2020 The next community-wide consultation on the concept design will occur in November 2020 as part of the Development Application public exhibition (supporting documentation and the Environmental Impact Statement will be provided). Council has confirmed it will then seek further feedback from the community on the detailed design which will incorporate proposed building materials, heritage and sustainability considerations.

Communication between the APA & Council: Council will brief the APA on the top 10 projects relevant to Artarmon at the start of each financial year to increase community knowledge of upcoming projects and permit community input in the early stages of concept and design. Council advised of a proposed Interactive Project Page to facilitate community access to updates on major projects (implementation likely in 2021/22).

Update October 9, 2020 – The August community consultation appears to have been bypassed. The council has new information regarding the proposal that can be seen HERE. The preferred design option is the “Artarmon Pavilion – Concept Design 2”. It can be viewed HERE.

Information on the Willoughby City Council Website can be found HERE and HERE.

The Artarmon Progress Associations most recent submission to WCC can be found HERE

Update July 25, 2020 – Concept designs were received from the Architect in June and presented to Councillors. The concept designs are currently under review . The next community consultation phase will commence in August followed by a briefing to Councillors. Following consultation, Council will commission detailed designs of the building. The DA is anticipated to be lodged in November 2020 and statutory consultation with the public will occur in accord with the Willoughby Community Participation Plan. This will include a mail out to neighbouring residents, the APA and Ward Councillors and will also include individuals who have previously made representation on this matter. An on-site notification sign, as well as advice on Council’s website, will also be provided.

Update 2nd December 2020 – The Artarmon Progress Association along with other local progress associations have written to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces to reiterate concerns regarding some aspects of the Western Harbour Tunnel (WHT) and Warringah Freeway Upgrade (WFU). The letter can be seen HERE.

21st March 2020 – The Artarmon Progress Association (APA) has provided comments on the Western Harbour Tunnel (WHT) – Warringah Freeway (WY) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Given APA’s remit is to promote the welfare, physical and intellectual advancement of the suburb of Artarmon our submission is focused mainly on the Artarmon community.

The APA advised members of the WHT-WY EIS public consultation and exhibition period. Members were also invited to send their views to the APA to inform its submission.

In this submission the APA shares its concerns regarding the proposed WHT and WY projects and offers some suggestions as to how to address some of these concerns and maximize the benefits of the project to the community.

The APA would be happy to work with Transport for NSW to further develop each of the items proposed in this submission.

The comments submitted are HERE.

(18 Broughton Rd, Artarmon 2064) is now available for hire and there are no longer restrictions associated with its previous childcare functions.

The Artarmon Library (located on the corner of Tindale Rd and Artarmon Rd) has re-opened. See HERE for more information.

If you’re interested in seeing more about the history of Artarmon and Willoughby the library has more information HERE

Council has released designs for a new “wombat” crossing outside 26 Hampden Rd.  When this crossing is installed, Council plans to remove the pedestrian refuge on the crest of the hill near Cleland Rd.  APA is concerned that all residents in the area east of Hampden Rd, including those in Cleland and Parkes have not been notified of the proposed changes.

The Artarmon Progress Association has had a long involvement with Artarmon Station accessibility and continues to advocate for improvements.

Update October 26, 2020 – The latest APA response to the NSW State Governments reply regarding improved station access from Wilkes Ave can be seen HERE

Update October 19, 2020 – See the most recent submission from the Artarmon Progress Association to the NSW State Government HERE

Previous submissions can be found HERE and HERE and HERE.

The history of Artarmon Station and be found HERE and HERE.

Update 4th November 2020 – The agenda for tonight’s meeting can be found HERE

Wednesday 4th November 2020, 7:45pm-9pm. Artarmon Community Hall, 139 Artarmon Road, Artarmon. A COVID Safe Plan has been prepared and procedures will be implemented at the meeting. Please wear a mask.

Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney will provide updates on local projects including the Artarmon Bowling Club/Parklands Pavilion design.

AGM invitations have also been sent to our Ward Councillors.

The Artarmon Progress Association strongly objects to the revised plans for the Royal North Shore Hospital site and is concerned about the impact on the immediate and broader community.

The Ministry of Health building, together with the Herbert Street Precinct, removes more than 22 percent of campus land proposed for much needed ambulatory care and clinical support services. With a growing community and ageing population, the NSW Government should be expanding clinical and medical facilities, not reducing them.

The APA submission can be seen HERE.

The Artarmon Progress Association:
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