The APA is a not-for-profit community group, and our objectives are to promote the welfare, physical and intellectual advancement of the suburb of Artarmon and the City of Willoughby, to protect the interests of the residents and to encourage a keener spirit of citizenship and mutual help amongst residents.

Who we are

We are a friendly group of locals who work on a voluntary basis to help achieve great outcomes for the community. We are not-for-profit, non-political and non-sectarian.

APA Office RoleName and APA email address
PresidentAshish Sethi
Vice PresidentMichael Dawes 
Treasurer & Public OfficerAdrian Alexander
SecretaryMai Mullins
MembershipJordana Goodman 
Development Applications & Council LiaisonPlamen Bassarov
Traffic & ParkingKesh Anand
Willoughby Federation Progress Associations (WFPA) RepresentativesAshish Sethi
Judy Simpson
MaryAnn Irvin
Heritage & History Project CoordinatorAdrian Alexander
WCC Heritage Committee RepresentativeAdrian Alexander
Website ManagerPeter Wang
Email ManagerMai Mullins
APA exec members (no office bearing position)David Roberts
Deepak Nair
Judy Simpson
MaryAnn Irvin
Winsome Byrne

What we do

  • we support community initiatives
  • provide a strong voice on the important local issues that affect you
  • have an effective working relationship with Willoughby City Council and government agencies
  • keep members informed
  • work with other local Progress Associations and groups
  • publish the Artarmon Gazette
  • hold Public Information Meetings

How we communicate

  • Artarmon Gazette comes out quarterly and provides information to residents and business people about current local events and issues. It is delivered locally to 5,300 residents and businesses.
  • an e-newsletter is sent out regularly to APA members with news updates. You can sign up for our APA e-newsletter HERE
  • the APA website contains information that may be helpful to local citizens, a wealth of Artarmon History information and is updated regularly with the latest news
  • APA Committee meetings – The Committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month (except January) at 7:45pm in the Artarmon Community Hall, 139 Artarmon Road, Artarmon (behind the Artarmon Library). Members are very welcome to attend.
  • Public Information Meetings (PIMs) are Q & A meetings held once a quarter on specific subjects with guest speakers.
  • Members feedback – please contact the APA secretary (see email address above) to suggest improvements, contribute ideas and provide feedback so we can better represent you and the local community.


Membership of the Artarmon Progress Association (APA) is currently free and open to all residents of Artarmon (post code 2064). Anyone not living in Artarmon may become an affiliate.

To join, simply email your name and address to:

Committee members can be contacted via the Secretary.

The APA’s Constitution can be viewed HERE.

The Artarmon Progress Association:
  • Is a strong voice on the important local issues that affect you
  • Has an effective working relationship with the WCC and government agencies
  • Works actively with other local groups
  • Supports community initiatives
  • Holds topical and informative quarterly Public Information Meetings
  • Publishes the Artarmon Gazette
  • Keeps members informed via e newsletters and this website
  • Needs your involvement and support
APA Meeting Minutes
Artarmon Progress Association Meeting Minutes
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