The Public Information Meeting organised and hosted by the Artarmon Progress Association – Meet the Candidates was held last night (17th November). The meeting was held online using the Microsoft Teams App and was recorded for those unable to attend. With our current Mayor not re-standing and only one of our current three Ward Councillors seeking re-election this was a great opportunity to meet the people prepared to take on the responsibilities of Local Government. Each candidate was given a few minutes to present themselves and their platform followed by some set questions and then questions from the floor.

A recording of the meeting can be seen HERE. Below you can see the time stamp for the recording to help find what interests you.

Voting methods for the 4 December 2021 Local Government elections

Update September 20, 2021Plans are being prepared for playground Improvements for Wickham Park (White St). Provide your feedback via the online survey at or by email to (addressed to Council’s Open Space Projects Officer, Amy Barnes)

Consultation closes 9am Monday 11 October 2021. Comments received will contribute to the formation of a Draft Plan. Once prepared, all respondents will have an opportunity to comment on the Draft Plan.

The Artarmon Loop is a free weekday bus service, connecting the areas of St Leonards and Artarmon along two routes. The service aims to encourage the use of public transport, reduce car use and enhance the viability of the Artarmon business precinct. It is advertised as being wheelchair and mobility aid accessible with maps of the routes and wheelchair accessible bus stops.

The Loop is a another free weekday bus service with one of three routes providing transport through Artarmon to Chatswood, Northbridge and Willoughby. The WCC website also indicates the service provides a wheelchair accessible service.

The APA has learnt that the buses do not appear to provide the access stated on the Willoughby City Council website (see HERE) and the employees do not have appropriate training for disability services. The Disability Discrimination Act Transport Standards (2002) require Willoughby City Council (WCC) to provide an accessible community transport service.

The Artarmon Progress Association submission the WCC can be viewed HERE

If there is anything the APA can do to help support you during the current COVID lockdown please contact us at:

  • APA’s ‘Meet the Candidates’ Public Information Meeting was held online on Wed 17 November at 7.45pm-9pm. To view a recording of the meeting see the post above.
  • Willoughby City Council elections – 4 December 2021 is the date for the Local Government elections. For changes to pre-poll & postal voting eligibility criteria, click here:
  • Artarmon Local Centre Public Domain introduction of a 40km/h zone starts Monday 20th Sept. (for more details see our post below)
  • Did you know – you can contact the Willoughby City Council to get any local safety hazards repaired as well as maintenance of the streetscape in local centres, local footpaths, parks, sports fields, bushland areas.
  • Feedback to Council on local maintenance The APA sent feedback from residents about local maintenance needed to Council on 13 October, and we have already seen action on some items.
  • The APA has inquired about the lack of wheelchair accessibility on Artarmon Loop shuttle bus service in a submission to Willoughby City Council. For more details see our post below.
  • Channel 9 redevelopment – Out-of-hours work to install and connect a new Sydney Water watermain to the new development will commence in September. It will affect Artarmon Rd between Willoughby Rd and Scott St. (for further details see our post below)
  • Proposed Herbert St redevelopment of Royal North Shore Hospital- Reminder to consider reading, signing & circulating to friends:
  • Local Environmental Plan (LEP) The new LEP will be released for community consultation soon (awaiting approval from the NSW Government). LEPs are the main planning tool to shape the future of communities and ensure local development is done appropriately. APA is keen to engage the community on this important topic.
  • Artarmon Parklands Pavilion (former Artarmon Bowling Club). Review of the DA determination is on the agenda for the Council meeting on 13th September. (for further details see our post below)
  • Chatswood to St Leonards Bicycle Route improvement plans (see post below)
  • Beaches Link motorway – (for more details see our post below)
  • Wickham Park (White St) proposed Playground upgrade (for more details see our post below)

Update May 12, 2021.- Carpark upgrade. These works are part of the Artarmon Reserve Master Plan. The council plan for the Artarmon Reserve lower parking area can be viewed HERE. (The central planted area will be slightly reconfigured). The council plan for the Artarmon Reserve upper parking area can be viewed HERE. (The BBQ area will move to the front of the car park). The council plan for the entry road to Artarmon Reserve can be viewed HERE.

July 27, 2020. Recent rain and high use by the community has highlighted several areas where water is ponding. Additional drainage work in these areas will be undertaken over the next 6 weeks with an anticipated completion date of 14 August, weather permitting.

Update May 24, 2021. The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has written to Transport for NSW stating further assessments are required. To view the letter go to:

A Parliamentary Committee is currently examining the Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link project and its impact on the community and the environment. For more info and to lodge a submission go to:

March 1, 2021. After consultation with the community the Artarmon Progress Association submission to NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has been uploaded and can be viewed HERE.

January 23, 2021. The Beaches Link/Gore Hill Freeway Environment Impact Study – is open for public exhibition and comment, closing on 1st March 2021.

December 14, 2020. This is now open for public exhibition and comment, closing on 1st March 2021. If you would like to contribute to the APA’s submission please send feedback to the APA secretary. (see the About Us page) For more information see HERE

December 2, 2020 – The Artarmon Progress Association along with other local progress associations have written to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces to reiterate concerns regarding some aspects of the Western Harbour Tunnel (WHT) and Warringah Freeway Upgrade (WFU). The letter can be seen HERE.

March 21, 2020 – The Artarmon Progress Association (APA) has provided comments on the Western Harbour Tunnel (WHT) – Warringah Freeway (WY) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).  Given APA’s remit is to promote the welfare, physical and intellectual advancement of the suburb of Artarmon our submission is focused mainly on the Artarmon community. In this submission the APA shares its concerns regarding the proposed WHT and WY projects and offers some suggestions as to how to address some of these concerns and maximize the benefits of the project to the community. The APA submission to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment can be seen HERE.

Update August 10, 2021. – Reminder to consider reading, signing & circulating to friends:

July 8, 2021. The link to the Help Save Royal North Shore Hospital Facebook site can be found HERE. If you would like to register your opposition to the current plans for the Royal North Shore Hospital Precinct the link to the ePetition can be found HERE. A working group was established after clinicians approached the APA seeking support from residents.

May 5, 2021. The NSW government has a webpage about the project that can be seen HERE. Their FAQ page can be viewed HERE.

April 24, 2021. Following APA’s Public Information Meeting in March and a request for support from RNSH clinicians, concerned residents established a working group to raise community awareness about the NSW Government’s proposed plans. The group had its first meeting this week. If you would like to get involved please contact our Secretary

April 14, 2020. A copy of Dr Coopers presentation can be viewed HERE.

March 12, 2021. The APA held a Public Information Meeting with guest speaker Dr Bruce Cooper, Chairman of the Royal North Shore Hospital medical staff council. Bruce outlined the NSW Government’s proposed plans for the Royal North Shore Hospital site and raised the concerns of the RNSH medical community. If approval is given to sell parts of the RNSH campus to developers, the long term viability of the hospital could be adversely affected. The Ministry of Health building, together with the Herbert Street Precinct, removes more than 22 percent of campus land proposed for much needed ambulatory care and clinical support services. Property & Development NSW have prepared plans for the RNSH site which include a residential tower, primary school and commercial offices.

December 14, 2020. The APA recently participated in a webinar to update the community on the Herbert Street Precinct project (Royal North Shore Hospital). Points of interest: the tower height has been reduced to 45 storeys (from 60 storeys); apartments will be for rent, not for sale; the proposed pedestrian route from the station to the hospital, including new Herbert Street overpass, appears to be uncovered;there is limited green space. WCC has indicated it will identify the following issues in its response to the NSW Government: a positive approach to the treatment of heritage buildings; concern about the scale and height of new buildings; education facility inclusion and reliance on Gore Hill Oval for open space needs.

The APA submission can be seen HERE. The RNSH Masterplan factsheet can be viewed HERE

October 12, 2020. The Artarmon Progress Association strongly objects to the revised plans for the Royal North Shore Hospital site and is concerned about the impact on the immediate and broader community. The Ministry of Health building, together with the Herbert Street Precinct, removes more than 22 percent of campus land proposed for much needed ambulatory care and clinical support services. With a growing community and ageing population, the NSW Government should be expanding clinical and medical facilities, not reducing them.

The Artarmon Library (located on the corner of Tindale Rd and Artarmon Rd) has re-opened. See HERE for more information.

If you’re interested in seeing more about the history of Artarmon and Willoughby the library has more information HERE

Update November 19, 2021 – Artarmon Village streetscape concept plans – With input from the community and local businesses the APA has provided feedback to the council on the concept plan. (see photo below as an example of the proposed concept) See HERE and HERE to view submissions to Council from the APA. Artarmon Progress Association strongly support greater utilisation and activation of the Artarmon Village Green that runs along the eastern side of the Artarmon train station.

September 20, 2021 – Introduction of new 40km/h High Pedestrian Activity Area restrictions. Council is working with the local community to improve local amenity and return a real ‘sense of place’ to the Artarmon local centre. Council, in partnership with Transport for NSW, will introduce a 40km/h High Pedestrian Activity Area (HPAA) restriction in the Artarmon Local Centre from Monday 20 September 2021. The maximum speed limit is 40km/h at all times within the HPAA. Changes to the local road environment were implemented to support the new lower speed limit and improve safety for pedestrians.

For more information please visit: . If you have any further questions regarding the works, please contact Daniel Sui, WCC Senior Transport Engineer on 9777 1000 during business hours.

The 40km/h limit applies to the areas in pink.

August 13, 2021 – The proposed 40km/h High Pedestrian Activity Area (40 HPAA) signage/markings plan is currently being reviewed by TfNSW. Once approved by TfNSW, Council will install the signs and pavement markings.  As these signs/markings are speed regulatory changes to the area speed zone, only TfNSW have the authority to approve/change the area speed zone.  A series of community communication campaigns will be rolled out as part of the introduction for new speed zone for Artarmon Local Centre.

May 24, 2021. – APA Public Information Meeting on WCC Current and Planned Works for Artarmon Public Domain was held on Wed. 16 June.

April 24, 2021. – Construction of traffic calming devices along Hampden Road, commencing 26 April – For more information go to:

March 12, 2021. 40kph High Pedestrian Activity Area 

The works planned to follow are: Elizabeth Street (north of Bridge St, i.e. Cameron Ave car park entry) – installation of new raised pedestrian crossing facilities (wombat crossing) and “No Stopping” zones resulting in the loss of 3 parking spaces on the eastern side and 1 space on the western side. Elizabeth Street (south of Bridge St) – installation of raised road threshold. Elizabeth Street (near numbers 25 and 38) – installation of raised road threshold. Hampden Road (between Brand & Francis) – installation of raised road threshold. Hampden Road (near number 35 and 36) – installation of raised road threshold. Jersey Road (near Hampden Lane) – installation of kerb blisters, resulting in the loss of 1 parking space on the southern side, to meet the current 10m No-Stopping zone at an intersection. Francis  Road  (near Hampden Lane) – installation of kerb blisters, resulting in the loss of 1 parking space on the southern side and 1 space on the northern side, to meet the current 10m No-Stopping zone at an intersection. Broughton Road (near Hampden Lane- installation of kerb blisters

January 23, 2021 – Stage One of the Artarmon Local Centres Public Domain Master Plan is scheduled to commence in March 2021. Traffic calming measures will be installed on Elizabeth Street, Hampden Road (near the Brand Street roundabout and McMillan Road) as well as minor works on Francis, Broughton and Jersey Roads.

November 15, 2020 – Council has adopted the Master Plan as the primary design guide for all future public domain projects in the Artarmon Local Centre and endorsed the commencement of detailed design and documentation for Stages 1 and 2.  Stage 1 covers traffic calming in Elizabeth St as well as around the village and is planned to commence early next year. Council has released designs for a new “wombat” crossing outside 26 Hampden Rd.  When this crossing is installed, Council plans to remove the pedestrian refuge on the crest of the hill near Cleland Rd.  APA is concerned that all residents in the area east of Hampden Rd, including those in Cleland and Parkes have not been notified of the proposed changes.

The Artarmon Local Centre Masterplan can be seen HERE

September 2, 2020 -The APA submission to Willoughby City Council can be found HERE

August 28, 2020 – A copy of the Willoughby City Council’s Webinar on their plans for the Artarmon Local centre can be viewed HERE

Update May 24, 2021 – The APA is concerned that the existing walkway from the Artarmon train station to Wilkes plaza is not Disability Discrimination Act compliant. If you have experienced any issues or avoid the walkway due to safety concerns, please let us know via the APA secretary. (see the About Us page)

The Artarmon Progress Association has had a long involvement with Artarmon Station accessibility and continues to advocate for improvements.

October 26, 2020 – The latest APA response to the NSW State Governments reply regarding improved station access from Wilkes Ave can be seen HERE

October 19, 2020 – See the most recent submission from the Artarmon Progress Association to the NSW State Government HERE. Previous submissions can be found HERE and HERE and HERE. The history of Artarmon Station and be found HERE and HERE.

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