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Proposed amend the Association's constitution


Notice is hereby given to members of the Annual General Meeting to be held on Wednesday, 14th October 2015, 7.45pm, at Artarmon Community Hall, 139 Artarmon Rd, Artarmon.

At this meeting, in addition to the normal business of the AGM, Members will be asked to consider and pass a Special Resolution to amend the Association’s constitution. Attached is the Special Resolution and an explanatory note that highlights the proposed changes. A Special Resolution requires a two-thirds or greater majority to pass.

The proposed changes to clauses 5, 11 and 12 will:

·         remove the implication that members pay an annual membership fee;
·         enable a member who no longer meets APA’s membership criteria (i.e. they are no longer a resident, rate payer or tenant in Artarmon) to be an Affiliate member of the APA.

The changes are being sought because the APA executive wants to expand the membership base and to use the internet as a means of doing this. The current constitution does not require a membership fee but implies that an annual fee is payable and we wish to remove any ambiguity.

The current $10 membership fee is an impediment for many to join and maintain APA membership. In addition, administering the membership fee has proved problematic over recent years. The current Constitution requires membership fee notices to be mailed and with $1 postage this alone consumes a large percentage of the fee charged. Although there are systems that can perform this task, their cost is relatively high and is almost as much as the amount raised.  The Executive Committee is therefore looking at setting the membership fee at nil for the foreseeable future.  At this stage, the Executive Committee is not sure how to treat those memberships paid a number of years in advance and is open to suggestions as to how to handle this.

Please note that the APA is financially viable without membership fees, however the proposed Constitution changes still enable the APA Executive to set membership fees in the future, if needed.

The proposed new Clause 56 limits the number of proxy votes that a single person can hold to vote on at a general meeting to a maximum of two. This change limits the ability of a single interest group accumulating proxies and gaining control of the association to the detriment of the broader community. Although this practice is theoretically possible at present, there is an increased risk of it occurring if membership fees are not being charged.

Your support for these changes will lead to a stronger and more active Association.

Dale McKay – President

Christine Kelley – Vice-President

Artarmon Progress Association Inc

PO Box 540, Artarmon NSW 1570 | ABN 77 319 108 019


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