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Crime explodes in Artarmon

Artarmon has become the crime capital of Willoughby. Between September and March, the crimes committed in Artarmon soared to 77 – up by 23 or 46%. Compared with other Willoughby suburbs, Artarmon’s crime list was the longest.

Most of the crimes occurred in Artarmon’s residential west. Hampden Rd was the most violent, recording nine incidents, including one assault; followed by Barton Rd, six; Pacific Hwy, five; Broughton Rd, four; and Tindale Rd, three. There was also a jump in crime in the east residential area, driven mainly by stealing from cars.

North Shore LAC’s SC Jaqueline Rollison told the Gazette Artarmon bucked the north shore trend where crime had come down considerably.

“Unfortunately, in Hampden Rd, there are some empty shopfronts and bad lighting at night … that attracts crime,” she said.

Crimes such as stealing from cars, when they occurred in the same street usually indicated they were carried out by the same offender.

Two sexual assults listed in the Artarmon industrial area were committed by the same person and involved a couple known to each other. The offender has been charged.

In all, nine assaults – four common, five causing bodily harm – took place in Artarmon in the March quarter. Most of them happened in Artarmon’s west residential area, two of them in Barton Rd.

The number of assaults is a chilling increase on zero assault six months ago (November Gazette, Page 15) and now ranks fourth as Artarmon’s most common crime.

Stealing from vehicles continued as the most common crime, at 21 out of 32 stealing incidents overall; followed by break and enter at 16; and malicious damage at 12.

Car theft was the least common crime and only four cars were reported stolen in the period while two stolen cars were recovered in the industrial area.

The school suffered three crimes – two break and enter and steal; one break and enter and another felony and malicious damage.

Crime Figures
Source: North Shore LAC

by Eva Wiland, Gazette editor

Courtesy of Gazette May 2013
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