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Artarmon kids love Halloween

Halloween and trick-or-treating are firmly here to stay – and the Artarmon community is no exception. Ten years ago, few if any kids would be seen walking the streets dressed up, knocking on doors for treats.

But about five to six years ago, this chiefly American custom took hold in our neighbourhoods.

APA started holding Halloween parties for kids on October 31, in 2008, but stopped when Halloween night started to fall on school nights. But it seems that is not stopping Artarmon’s kids.

Artarmon is flourishing as a kids’ community, APA committee member Robert Magner says. “Those walking the streets on the evening of October 31 (this year), would have seen many, many scary – and very cute – kids, from witches to zombies to Harry Potters.

“Although it was the fantasy night of Halloween, I dream not, there were literally 300 plus kids tramping the Tindale’s, Carlos’ and Smith’s alone. The haunted house on Shepherd deserves special mention.”

by Eva Wiland, Gazette editor

Courtesy of Gazette November 2012
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Artarmon kids
Artarmon kids culture ... trick-or-treating
Photo: Rob Magner





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