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Artarmon - a great place to study

If you have you been asked to fill in a survey about living in Artarmon it is because emails have been circulating all year from high school students. Why? HSC geography students have to complete a senior geography project in Year 11, using their learned methodology in a practical assignment on local geographic issues. That includes using primary sources of information by conducting inquiries, interviews and surveys, taking photographs and making observations and secondary sources such as reports, media articles, maps and statistics.

Artarmon is a great subject matter because of the mixed urban use and some of the 2012 students’ findings are interesting:

Caitlin’s hypothesis for her investigation was Artarmon is a diverse, multifunctional centre. That is evident by the distinct land use areas – a mixture of the high, medium and low density residential areas; the biggest light industrial area on the north shore; and noticeable physical differences within the suburb. Not surprisingly, her survey of local residents uncovered similar wants as reported in the August and May Gazettes - “a vibrant shopping precinct”, in particular a fabulous deli, a wine bar, less fast food outlets and more quality cafés or restaurants.

Hugo concentrated on crime in Artarmon, or more precisely, the perceived crime rate of our suburb. You will be pleased to discover his findings proved the perception of crime (because of the proximity to public transport and council housing) was actually greater than the actual crimes but similar to the Australia-wide averages (cost impact being around $2,450 per criminal incident for a small business).

Grace proved her hypothesis The increased enrolments at Artarmon Public School have decreased the amount of open space available to the school. Nine new demountable classrooms have been erected over the past few years to cope with these increases, resulting in the loss of “the block”, the netball court, infants’ play equipment and many trees and other greenery.

Her interviews within the school community presented a mix of feelings regarding the change. “A lot of parents and teachers did not see the added demountables as an issue because the local council allows the school to use Thomson Oval ... however it is not an ideal area due to its lack of shade,” she said.

“Others, mainly teachers, did not see (it) as a negative thing, as more children at the school means there are more people in the area and that means more diversity.”

by Jane Cozens

Courtesy of Gazette November 2012
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