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MD time bomb

This month is macular degeneration (MD) month and Artarmon Vision Specialist’s Stuart Schipp is urging everyone to have their eyes tested.

He told the Gazette at present there is no cure for MD but treatment can slow it down. Risk of MD increases with age, but smokers, anyone who takes aspirin daily, those who have had MD in the family and anyone over 80 are particularly at risk.

Stuart says: “early signs of MD might include trouble reading or watching television and you may find that you need brighter lights to see clearly.

“MD causes slow deterioration of your central vision but the peripheral or side vision is not affected. A person suffering from macular degeneration may see the outline of a street sign but not what is written on the street sign.”

by Eva Wiland, Gazette editor

Courtesy of Gazette May 2012
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The eye
The risk of macular degeneration increases with age





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