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Amazing stories: Artarmon's residential beginnings

One of Artarmon's original residential subdivisions, the William Gore grant, amazingly increased from 150 to 209 acres by the time it had been subdivided but without any apparent boundary changes.

That is just one of the stories emerging from the Artarmon Progress Association's history project team research into our neighbourhood's first residential beginnings.

Artarmon's first residential subdivision was recorded just after the Artarmon Railway Station opened on July 7, 1898, when Thomas Broughton registered the subdivision of the John Roberts grant for development in October 1898. It covered the area now bounded by Jersey Rd to Brand St to near Buller Rd on the west side of the railway line, including Hampden Rd, Broughton Rd, Francis St and part of Roberts St and the Artarmon Library to Brand St on Elizabeth St on the eastside.

The Broughton family (50%), Sir Alexander Stuart family (a former State Premier) (25%) and Shepherd Smith family (Bank of NSW general manager from 1864 to 1886) (25%) were the main developers of the William Gore grant on the eastside of the railway, which covered the area where Mowbray Rd, Elizabeth St, the Muttama Rd triangle, including Cambridge Rd and Coree Rd, are now.

These families also subdivided the Daniel Cann grant in 1903-1905 which includes Hampden Rd, from Mowbray Rd to Brand St, Roberts St and Palmer St on the west side of the railway line and Raleigh, Drake, Hawkins and Brand streets on the east side.

In 1905, the Stuart family interests in the Artarmon Estate, part of the William Gore grant, were transferred to the Bank of NSW (now Westpac). The Bank held a 25% share in the Artarmon Estate until 1936, when Artarmon Estates Limited acquired the remaining unsold William Gore grant land.

A big part of the Artarmon Estate, east from Smith Rd through to Sydney Rd and parts of Cobar, Wyalong, Lucknow and Chelmsford streets, were subdivided in the 1920s to 1930s.

The first directors of Artarmon Estates in 1922 were JB Nicolson, J Farram, IB Fitzhardinge and FH Jackson.

The APA would be interested to hear from any family members of these directors.

If you can assist the APA, please email or telephone Adrian on 0401 644 052

First Artarmon Residential Subdivisions

Oct 1898

(Deposit Plan 3489)

John Roberts grant – bounded by Jersey Rd to Brand St to  near Buller Rd on west side of railway (Hampden Rd, Broughton Rd, Francis St; part of Roberts St); on the eastside, the Artarmon Library  to Brand Street on Elizabeth St

Apr 1899

(DP 4054)

Part of William Gore grant: 150 acres on east side of railway - bounded by Mowbray Rd, Elizabeth St, Muttama Rd, including Cambridge Rd and Coree Rd.

Jan 1903

(DP 4048)

Part of Daniel Cann grant – Hampden Rd, from Mowbray Rd to Brand Street.

Apr  1903

(DP 4098)

Part of William Gore grant: sections A & B of Artarmon Estate – bounded by part of Stafford Rd, Tindale Rd, Artarmon Rd, Elizabeth St, Muttama Road, including part of Shepherd Rd

May 1903

(DP 4101)

Part of John Dark and John Sawyer grants: Chamberlain Hills Estate – Pacific Hwy, Rimmington St, French St, White St,  Kitchener Rd, Broughton Rd, Buller Rd and western part of Jersey Rd (now closed)

July 1903

(DP 4154)

Part of William Gore grant: sections C, D, E, F, G and H of the Artarmon Estate – bounded by Tindale Rd, Carlos Rd, Weedon Rd, part Shepherd Rd and the Elizabeth St, Tindale Rd, Artarmon Rd triangle

Nov 1903


Part of William Gore grant: sections K, L, M, N and O Artarmon Estate – part of Weedon Rd, Smith Rd, Onyx Rd, Artarmon Rd, Harden Rd, Pyrl Rd, part Cooney Rd and Burra Rd

Jan 1904

(DP 4406)

Part of Daniel Cann grant – part of Palmer St and part of Roberts St.

Jan 1904

(DP 4350)

Part of the William Gore Grant: includes Sections Q, P, R, S and T of the Artarmon Estate  - Sydney Rd from Mowbray and Zara, Nardoo and Hector streets


(DP 4637)

Part of William Gore grant – Cameron Ave (McKinley Estate) owned by Sperodon Stempoyan from 1866.

Nov 1905

(DP 4622)

Part of Daniel Cann grant, east side of railway – Raleigh, Drake, Hawkins and Brand streets.

by Adrian Alexander

Courtesy of Gazette November 2011
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