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Beware of macular degeneration

Artarmon Visual Specialists owner Stuart Schipp is urging local residents over 50 - the at-risk group for macular degeneration (MD) - to take the time to have their eyes tested and their macula checked during MD Awareness Week, from May 22 to May 28.
MD affects one in seven Australians over the age of 50 and the risk increases with age.

MD Foundation-commissioned research last month showed two in three Australian adults now understood MD was an eye disease – double the figure three years ago. Further, 59% aged 50 years and more had their macula checked in the last two years. 

The lack of symptom recognition could lead to blindness. “Early detection is critical to saving sight,” Shipp said. “Everyone over 50 years should have their eyes tested. If you experience any sudden change in vision, you should visit your optometrist immediately.”

MD may include one or more symptoms, including difficulty reading or with any other fine vision activity; distortion where straight lines appear wavy or bent; problem distinguishing faces; and dark patches or empty spaces in the centre of vision.

Artarmon Vision Specialists specialises in detecting eye diseases, particularly MD and uses various technologies, including digital imaging for early detection. For a 30-minute eye examination, book on: 9412 3757.

Courtesy of Gazette May 2011
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