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152-156 Hampden Rd
Of the latest DAs lodged with council for Artarmon there is only one worth mentioning: 152-156 Hampden Rd (DA-2010/805) for an 18-unit block on the sites of two houses west of the roundabout. This is an upgraded submission for the site, including 156 Hampden Rd. The original submission was in February last year for 152-154 Hampden Rd (DA-2010/59) for 8 units. This submission is extended to 18 units and asks for a variation of the floor space ratio from 0.9:1 to 1:1. Parking is also increased from 8 to 20 car spaces. As with the earlier scheme (DA-2010/59), the proposal will cast a longer shadow in the winter mornings on the park at Robert St (West of the site), but the setback from the west boundary is now deeper and the shadow would not reach as far as in the earlier option. On the north side of the proposed development (158-162 Hampden Rd) would be a proposed block of similar proportions and height (DA-2010/14 of February 2010), providing continuity in the streetscape with the existing block north of it. Generally, no issues affecting the public are expected.

7-Eleven store
Council had received no submissions on the request by the 7-Eleven store in Hampden Rd for 24/7 trading by the time the notification period expired on January 31.

Local Bar and Bistro
A DA notification period for the Local Bar and Bistro in 100 Hampden Rd was closed on January 31

Courtesy of Gazette February 2011
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