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Bunny mathematics

Over the past year, residents have observed with amazement an explosion of bunnies since a few pet rabbits were allowed to stray freely onto Artarmon's parkland and nature strips. This unfortunate experiment seems to be under way in Wickham Park, Kids Cottage Park and around White St and Broughton and Buller roads. The first stray pet bunnies were a small family of white rabbits in Buller Rd. They were joined several months ago by a black stray pet rabbit. Soon afterwards (no surprises here), observers noticed cute baby black-and-white rabbits hopping around the neighbourhood. A brown bunny now also enjoys their company.

Rabbits have caused dreadful degradation to Australia's environment, so the threat of a feral rabbit population explosion in Artarmon is worrying. It is therefore a pleasant surprise that the local stray rabbit numbers appear to have stabilised. But perhaps this points to distressing animal welfare outcomes. These lovable but destructive rabbits are likely to have fallen victim to dogs and cats, cars, heat and disease - perhaps even to a rabbit pie or two. The message to bunny owners is your rabbit needs your protection, care and supervision. Don't let your pet become a pest.

Courtesy of Gazette February 2011
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Stray pet bunnies - one plus one, equals four plus more





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