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Road rule changes

Every so often, road rules change, and we don’t necessarily find out easily. So here are some of the changes (some of them are changes in penalties rather than rules) in effect since 1 July. For diagrams that explain these changes in more detail, go to

Entering blocked crossings
You cannot drive your vehicle on to a children’s crossing, marked foot crossing or pedestrian crossing if you cannot drive through the crossing because the road beyond the crossing is blocked.
PENALTY: Two demerit points (three in a school zone) and a $189 fine ($243 in a school zone).

Mobility impaired drivers
Mobility Parking Permit holders are now allowed to stop for up to five minutes (previously two minutes) to pick up or set down passengers in a no parking zone. All other drivers can remain for two minutes only.
PENALTY: $81 fine. Two demerit points and a $135 fine if within a school zone.

Wheeled recreational devices
A person must not ride a wheeled recreational device (e.g. rollerblades, skateboard etc.) or wheeled toy (e.g. pedal car, tricycle etc.) past a ‘No wheeled recreational devices or toys’ sign.
Wheeled recreational devices are not to be used on a road with a dividing line or median strip or on a road with a speed limit greater than 50km per hour (previously the speed limit was 60km per hour).
A person must not travel in or on a wheeled recreational device or wheeled toy that is being towed by a vehicle. A person travelling in or on a wheeled recreational device or toy must also not hold on to a vehicle while it is moving or travel within 2 metres of the rear of a moving vehicle.
PENALTY: $54 fine.

Keeping off a painted island
You can now only drive on a painted island for up to 50 metres if you are entering or leaving the road, or entering a turning lane that begins immediately after the painted island. You still must not drive on a section of painted road that is surrounded by double lines.
PENALTY: Two demerit points and a $189 fine.
$54 fine for bicycles.
It is now illegal to park on a painted island.
PENALTY: $135 fine.

New bicycle storage areas at intersections
Some intersections that have traffic lights may now contain bicycle storage areas. These are painted areas on the road in front of the stop line that allow cyclists to wait at the traffic lights in safety.
There are a number of new rules relating to driver and cyclist responsibilities at bicycle storage areas. For example, when traffic lights or arrows are red, drivers must not allow any part of their vehicle to enter the bicycle storage area.
PENALTY: Three demerit points (four in a school zone) and a $324 fine ($405 in a school zone).

Hook turns by bicycle riders
When a cyclist chooses to do a hook turn at an intersection and a bicycle hook turn storage area is provided, they must now use that area.
Cyclists should keep to the left when riding across the intersection to enter the bicycle hook turn storage area, turn right and wait in the storage area until the traffic light shows green (if you are at traffic lights) or if there are no lights, until it is safe to cross.
PENALTY: $54 fine.

Slip lanes
Slip lanes are used to improve safety and traffic flow for vehicles turning left. You must now use a slip lane where one is provided when turning left.
PENALTY: Two demerit points and a $189 fine.
Unless there are signs to indicate parking, you must not stop in a slip lane.
PENALTY: $135 fine.

by Robert Newman

Courtesy of Gazette August 2008


Park so as to obstruct vehicles/pedestrians.
Park so as to obstruct vehicles/pedestrians. (fine $81)





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