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Local business supports national climate change research

More than 20 local Artarmon business owners recently took part in an important Australian Government climate change initiative in an effort to build a picture of energy usage across small businesses Australia wide.  This national research project will see 500 businesses Australia-wide supply energy use information that the federal government will use in shaping advice and tools to help business fight climate change.

Willoughby City Council and APA encouraged local businesses to embrace the opportunity. Participating businesses were rewarded with a comprehensive free energy audit and action plan to provide them with ideas to help them reduce their energy consumption. Council is directing funds from the recently approved e.restore levy towards the project and helping businesses with measures to reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
APA recognises the importance of working towards a more Sustainable Artarmon, and we would love to see the Artarmon Shopping precinct become a green shopping destination.

Things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Save 40-80% of lighting and energy costs simply by adopting sustainable lighting technologies and practices – like switching off lights, replacing incandescent or halogen bulbs with compact fluorescents or LED lighting, harnessing natural light, putting reflectors on the base of the walls to reflect light back up and painting walls a light colour.

  • Install a timer on an instant boiling water unit so you’re not paying to boil water all night for non-existent coffees.

  • Select energy efficient IT and appliances, don’t be afraid to ask for this when buying. For example, energy efficient whitegoods can save up to $1,400 and prevent up to 14 tonnes of greenhouse gas from being emitted into the environment over a ten-year product life span.

  • Check thermostats or measure temperature levels regularly to make sure you maintain the recommended comfort temperature setting of 24°C for summer and 21°C for winter.

  • Switch to GreenPower. Shop around and it’s possible to switch to GreenPower at no or marginal extra cost.
Courtesy of Gazette August 2008


Climate Change
Climate Change





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