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Team up to save lives this year

Following on from my article in the November Gazette titled, "Did you help save a life this month?", I thought I would register "Team Artarmon" in the Chatswood Blood Bank's Club Red Program.

There are no special requirements to be in "Team Artarmon", no extensive training is required and in fact as voluntary services to the community go, it's a very easy thing to do. You don't even need to join "Team Artarmon" - you just tell the blood bank the donation is for us and they only report back how many donation the team gets, not who gave them. I doubt they even care if you live or work in Artarmon so feel free to recruit your friends and workmates.

All you need to do is walk into the Blood Bank at Chatswood which is located in Albert Street and less than an hour later you leave. If you are an existing donor you will be used to this and just need to fill in a slip telling them that your donation is for "Team Artarmon". If you don't have an appointment or it is you first donation it might take a little longer. If you have never donated before you will be asked a few question to ensure the quality of the blood supply. For example, I went to Vanuatu on a cruise in January so they don't want my red blood cells in case I have Malaria - so it is lucky for them I started donating plasma in January. They would still be happy to take blood from me but could only use the plasma component.

Blood can be donated every 12 weeks and Plasma can be donated every 2-3 weeks. You can also register for the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry but let's just start with Blood donations and work our way up.

The Blood Bank has a saying that every donation helps save 3 lives so if you donate every 12 weeks that is 1 life every 4 weeks. So why not join "Team Artarmon" and help save a life this month.

by Robert Newman

Courtesy of Gazette May 2008


6 Donation made over May-June 2008. Considering that the top 10 teams have 30-80 donations for the year we might be able to get in there if we remain dedicated.

6 Donation made over Jul-Sep 2008.

9 Donation made over Oct-Dec 2008.

8 Donation made over Jan-Mar 2009.



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