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Some temporary bike route signposting, which should have been removed by the RTA's contractors upon completion of the Gore Hill Freeway shared path, has remained in place. Council has decided that most of it will be retained and enhanced to provide a permanent alternate cycle route to the Freeway.

To allow better access through the rail underpass from Hampden to Burra Rd, at the southern end of the station, Council has informed us that they intend to remove the existing bollards and replace with offset rails. This will permit stroller access while also slowing cyclists, and will ensure that access is provided but with safety.

Wickham Park (formerly the White St playground) has been upgraded and the landscaping has also now finished. The new park includes an electric BBQ, and we are sure that the residents of west Artarmon will use the new facilities well. Many thanks to the Council for their great work here! Council is currently reviewing designs which address the ponding of water which is continuing in the area adjacent to the cricket nets in Artarmon Reserve.

They have also commissioned Shane Haurama, Indigenous artist, to provide a set of bicycle inspired quinken figure images to make the bike lockers at the station a little easier on the eye! You might have seen his work on a concrete tank on the Bicentennial Reserve shared pathway just below the Baseball Diamond.

Updated 15 February 2008


Artarmon Station Platform
Artarmon Station Platform





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