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Cameron Avenue West: Where to now?

As written in the November issue of the Artarmon Gazette, the Willoughby City Council has been working on options for a re-design of the Cameron Avenue/Tindale Rd/Elizabeth St corner.

Two possible options were available for viewing at our APA Committee meeting in November last year.

These were:

· Option 1 - To attach the 'island' to the corner of Elizabeth St and Tindale Rd and put a fence along the western edge of the re-designed corner.

· Option 2 - To keep the 'island' and create a 30 metre long pedestrian refuse island in Elizabeth St.

The committee expressed some concerns about both options, particularly:

· Option 1 - It would prevent who wanted to from using Cameron Avenue West as a roundabout.

· Option 2 - The 'island' would impact on certain aspects of traffic flow as well as other events such as the annual Artarmon Fair, which is held on that section of Elizabeth St.

Like the Council, the APA is concerned about the safety of pedestrians, but we do not believe that this is currently an accident prone area. The initial reason for the matter being raised was that someone requested improved pedestrian facilities (i.e. a footpath on the 'cattle track' across the current 'island').

Any solution has to provide a long term benefit to the Artarmon community and the APA sees that any solution should be not solely for pedestrians, but effectively manage vehicle traffic through the area. It should also continue to allow ready access to the station, the library, shops and restaurants.

By Robert Newman
Updated 4 February 2008


Artarmon Station Platform
Artarmon Station Platform





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