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News and Events - Archive 2008

Artarmon Xmas Party Photos

The Christmas Party / Annual General Meeting was held at the bowling club on Sunday 30th November complete with a visit from Santa.
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November 2008 - Gazette Articles:

Artarmon @ Council
Items covered:

  • Deputy Mayor
  • Transmission tower
  • 4 McLachlan Avenue
  • Aboriginal History of Willoughby
  • Artarmon Oval
  • Traffic (Sydney Street)
  • Loading Zone (Westbourne Avenue)
  • No Stopping (Muttama Road)
  • Library Redevelopment
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This is not a load of rubbish!
Recycling has a very high profile these days as we become more aware of the amount of landfill and pollution generated by what we throw away. As recycling technology gets more sophisticated, the range of recyclables increases.
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Who or What is the APA?
Despite our significant age (!), many people do not know who or what the Artarmon Progress Assocation (APA) is. So for those of you who don't know, are not so sure or think... "of course I know"....please keep reading... this article is for all of you!
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Artarmon Public School News
After 23 years of service to Artarmon Public School, Jan Cohen has left to assume the role of principal at Belrose Public School. Jan held a range of positions during her time at Artarmon Public School including time as a teacher and assistant principal before being appointed to the role of deputy principal several years ago.
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Theo Francis and the Artarmon Village Green
Theo Wesley Francis (1907-1970) and his wife Marjorie were Artarmon residents and well known and liked in the community. They lived in White Street and established a radio and electrical business, first in Wilkes Ave and later in Hampden Road.
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Artarmon pays more than fair share of rates
When Council talks about 'rates', it refers to the rates bill that comes each August. That bill has three parts: (1) a levy set according to the notional value of the land component of each residence (the unimproved capital value), (2) a waste collection charge and (3) a charge for maintenance of the stormwater collection system.
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Mind (and recycling) your metal
Recycling is an important element of looking after the environment as it contributed to reducing emissions and pollutions as well as delivering significant energy and water savings. Recycling metal is a great that businesses and individuals can contribute to the recycling cause and there is also the added benefit of additional cash for your efforts, depending on the metal type.
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Artarmon Gardens and Permaculture
For the last seven years, since September 2001, Wendy Bishop has been generously illustrating our garden article with her imaginative cartoons. Wendy who lives not in Artarmon but in Lane Cover, is a past president of Permaculture North.
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Artarmon Neighbourhood Watch
As summer approaches and we spend more time out in the garden, leave doors and windows open to enjoy the warm evening breeze and pile out 'outdoor toys' (bikesm surf boards etc) on the front veranda, a word of caution and a reminder to take extra care....
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August 2008 - Gazette Articles:

Artarmon @ Council
Items covered:

  • Council Works Depot
  • Artarmon Reserve
  • Laneways renamed
  • Petition
  • Councillor Allowances
  • Shopping Trolleys
  • A school for Naremburn
  • Brothels
  • A Subway for Artarmon
  • Artarmon School.
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Artarmon Sustainability Street branches out
Good news for Artarmon and the planet! As well as the community-based “Sustainability Street” group, Artarmon Public School and local businesses (see article on p 9) are now engaging in plans and projects to improve their sustainability.
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Artarmon Youth Committe goes ARTY
ARTY, previously the Artarmon Youth Committee, has been running for approximately two years. The crew of nine fantastic people have come together to put on some crowd stopping events for the youth of Artarmon.
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Artarmon Public School embraces gratitude to support learning
The friendship between an Artarmon Public School teacher and Dr Kerry Howells, Faculty of Education, University of Tasmania, has led to Dr Howells developing a close working relationship with Artarmon school and involving it in some groundbreaking research into gratitude and its link to learning and student engagement.
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Artarmon Infants’ creativity inspired by traditional Aboriginal Kameraigal people
This year, Education Week (26 – 30 May) at Artarmon Primary School included a special visit by Aboriginal Project Officer Charlene Davison.
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Supporting the locals
I have always considered the local grocery shops a place to buy milk on the way home and to pop down to if I have forgotten something, and that for the privilege of not having to travel to Chatswood or Lane Cove and battle traffic to find a parking space, I would pay a slightly increased price for the products.
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Shuttle bus for industrial area
At the 23 June Council meeting Willoughby City Council considered four options for a shuttle bus to service the Artarmon Industrial area. Depending on the option implemented, over a period of 5 years the bus service could cost the Council from $1.5M to $3M to operate.
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Local business supports national climate change research
More than 20 local Artarmon business owners recently took part in an important Australian Government climate change initiative in an effort to build a picture of energy usage across small businesses Australia wide.
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Gardening on balconies and verandahs
Several years ago a friend, a good gardener with a reasonable knowledge of plants moved into an apartment on the fifth floor of a new building, she killed a number of plants before finding those that would survive her conditions. Everyone the author spoke to said “It’s the wind, you know.”
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Road rule changes
Every so often, road rules change, and we don’t necessarily find out easily. So here are some of the changes (some of them are changes in penalties rather than rules) in effect since 1 July.
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Gore Hill Memorial Cemetery
Established in 1868, Gore Hill Memorial Cemetery at St Leonards is one of the most outstanding Edwardian gardens in Australia. Arranged about a central avenue, the cemetery is shielded from surrounding areas by a mature plantation which creates an enclosed tranquil landscape.
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May 2008 - Gazette Articles:

Artarmon Traffic Alerts
Rangers have been seen booking drivers parked in a newly designated loading zone in Francis Street next to Liquorland.
During peak hours, it is not permitted to make a right turn into Palmer Street if you are driving south along Hampden Road.
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Artarmon Library celebrates its 50th birthday
On May 2, the night before the Artarmon Fair, Mayor Pat Reilly opened an exhibition at Artarmon Community Library which celebrated 50 years of the building.
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Netball Trial at Artarmon Reserve
You might recall back in February we wrote extensively about the Netball Trial at Artarmon Reserve. After considerable feedback from the APA and many residents, Council has decided not to proceed with the trial.
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NSW Government's proposed changes to the planning legislation
Many of you will be following the NSW Government's proposed changes to the planning legislation as set out in the two draft exposure Bills.
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Artarmon @ Council
The council has approved an application by Charter Hall to develop a HomeHQ bulky goods retailing centre on the council's 16,000sq m former works depot site at 1 Frederick Street, on the corner with Reserve Road, in the Artarmon Industrial Area.
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Sustainability Street News
The increasing level of community interest and involvement in sustainability has resulted in many activities and seminars being run by various bodies. The local Councils have combined to present the following information Sessions over the next few months, under the overall title of Living Environment Nights.
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Naremburn to Ryde pathway opens soon
If you've been down to Artarmon or Bicentennial Reserves lately, you may have been surprised to see the upsurge in cyclists pedalling the pathways.
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Team up to save lives this year
The Blood Bank has a saying that every donation helps save 3 lives so if you donate every 12 weeks that is 1 life every 4 weeks. So why not join "Team Artarmon" and help save a life this month.
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Feb 2008 - Netball Trial:

In December 2007 residents of Burra Rd and surrounding streets received advice from Willoughby City Council concerning a proposal to trial the use of the oval at Artarmon Reserve for Junior Netball ("Nettas") on Saturday mornings during the 2008 winter season which runs from April to August.
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Feb 2008 - Gazette Articles:

Channel 9: Watch that site!
Glenda Hewitt gives the latest developments on the sale of the Channel 9 site.
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Artarmon @ Council
Some temporary bike route signposting, which should have been removed by the RTA's contractors upon completion of the Gore Hill Freeway shared path, has remained in place.
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Chatswood Mall Draft Master Plan
The Draft Master Plan for Chatswood Mall will be on display for public comment from Thursday 3 January until Thursday 21 February 2008 at Willoughby City Council, Level 4, 31 Victor Street, Chatswood and downloadable from Council's website
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Feb 2008 - Traffic Issues:

Cameron Avenue West: Where to now?
The APA Committee has expressed its concern about the Willoughby Council's proposed options for a redesign of the Cameron Avenue/Tindale Road/Elizabeth Street corner.
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Jan 2008 - APA Membership Change

Most APA members will be aware from earlier notifications that our membership year has changed from a ‘June Year’ to a calendar year from the start of 2008.

Membership fees paid during 2006/7 were carried forward to the end of 2007. However, 2008 membership fees are now due. These will of course apply to the whole of calendar year 2008. There has been no change to the $10 membership fee. Your fees help support the running of the APA and attract discounts on some APA organised activities (e.g. Heritage Walks). We now welcome payment of fees by cheque (to The Secretary, Artarmon Progress Association Inc., PO Box 540, Artarmon NSW 1570), by Electronic Funds Transfer (BSB: 062-104; Account No: 00900037), or, to a member of the Executive Committee at Public Information Meetings.

Updated 16 February 2009

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