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Artarmon's shopping precinct - September 2010

In 1988, as part of Australia's bicentennial celebrations, Willoughby City Council commissioned eight community histories, including that of Artarmon. 'Artarmon past, present and future', compiled Grace Warner was the result. In her history, Ms Warner included a breakdown of the businesses in Artarmon as they existed in 1988.

As over twenty years have elapsed, the Progress Association believes it is time to once again look at the Artarmon shopping precinct, to see what changes have occurred and to do similar surveys on a regular basis to track the changing nature of the shopping precinct. The following is the first stage of the project: photographs of the shops in the precinct as at September 2010.

Stage two will be to add all the businesses that are not on street fronts and stage 3 will be to interview business owners about the nature of their businesses.

As the photographs were taken on a busy day, they are not all of a high standard and many of the businesses are hidden by parked cars. Over the next few weeks and months the photographs will be re-taken on days where traffic is less dense so that the businesses are more visible.

We hope you will enjoy following this important sociological research project as it unfolds and please excuse the 'rough' nature of this first stage.

44 Hampden
Commercial Building
1/44 Hampden

2/44 Hampden

medical practice
3/44 Hampden
Laing & Simmons
real estate
4/44 Hampden (cnr Jersey)
Pizzeria La Stazione
restaurant - Italian
64 Hampden (cnr Jersey)
Artarmon Post Office
post office
66 Hampden
All Goods Mart
supermarket - Asian
66 Hampden
Comfort & Fit
footwear - orthopaedic
70 Hampden
charity shop - St Vincent de Paul
72 Hampden
74 Hampden
Flight Centre
travel agency
76 Hampden
Seven Day Food
supermarket - general
78 Hampden
take away - chicken etc
80 Hampden
Commonwealth Bank
84 Hampden
European Piatsa
take away - chicken etc
86 Hampden
Hampden Gourmet
take away - general
88 Hampden
take away - sandwiches
90 Hampden
Artarmon Seafood
fish and chips
90A Hampden
Artarmon Shoe Repairs and Key Cutting
shoe repair and key cutting
92 Hampden (cnr Broughton)
7 Eleven / NAB ATM
supermarket - general
2/92 Hampden (in Broughton S side)
restaurant - Asian
1/2A Broughton S side
Yakiniku Restaurant Wakana
restaurant - Asian
2/2A Broughton S side
Artarmon Laundrette
3/2A Broughton S side
Artarmon Video
video and dvd hire
2A Broughton S side
Woolacott Hale Corlett & Jumikis
consultant engineers
1A Broughton N side
Taipei Chef Restaurant
restaurant - Asian
2/1A Broughton N side
P'zazz Hair Studio
3A Broughton N side
Artarmon Skin Fitness
beauty services
96 Hampden (in Broughton)
Artarmon Chiropractic
96 Hampden (cnr Broughton)
Nick Logan Pharmaceutical Advice
98 Hampden
Artarmon Dry Cleaners
dry cleaners
100 Hampden

102 Hampden
Artarmon Family Butcher
104 Hampden
Black & White
106 Hampden
Artarmon Fruit Market
fruit & vegetables
108 Hampden
Artarmon Gourmet Chicken and Salad Coffee Lounge
take away - chicken etc
110 Hampden
Marriott Lane R.E.
real estate
112 Hampden
Artarmon Newsagency
114 Hampden
Bakers Delight
116 Hampden
Artarmon Northside Flowers
118 Hampden
Jade Lotus Kitchen
take away - Asian
120 Hampden
Welcome Mart Supermarket
supermarket - general
122 Hampden
Artarmon Vision Specialist
124 Hampden
Coffee Express
126 Hampden
Maya Indian Curry House
take away - Indian
128 Hampden (cnr Francis)
bottle shop
1/130 Hampden (in Francis)
Pizza Luna
take away - pizza
2/130 Hampden (in Francis)
Inter Desserts Artarmon
cake shop
5/130 Hampden (cnr Francis)
The Thai
take away - Asian
132 Hampden
Artarmon Mowers
sale and service of lawn mowers
134-136 Hampden
Artarmon Medical Centre
medical practice
Artarmon Community Library & Toy Library
Community Services
Willoughby Council
2/22 Elizabeth
HOW Hair on Wilkes
Wilkes cnr Elizabeth
Lucky Mart Japanese Grocery
supermarket - Japanese
2 Wilkes
Thai Charm
restaurant - Asian
6 Wilkes
Japanese Noodle Genki
restaurant - Asian
10 Wilkes
restaurant - Asian
9 Wilkes
Little Thai Place
take away - Asian
7 Wilkes
Goumet Pizza Wilkes
take away - pizza
5 Wilkes
Café NoWhere
3 Wilkes
Furu Hon - Ya
books - Japanese
Wilkes cnr Elizabeth
Japanese Groceries
supermarket - Japanese
28 Elizabeth
En Ceramics Studio
11-13 Elizabeth
Gillespies Hire Sales Service
home medical equipment
9 Elizabeth
No Gaps Dental

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Hampden Road, Artarmon 2007
Hampden Road shopping centre c1910
Hampden Road Shopping Centre c1910


Artarmon shops, pre 1915
Artarmon Shops, pre 1915
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B & W photos courtesy of Local History Collection at Willoughby City Library


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