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Update September 20, 2021Plans are being prepared for playground Improvements for Wickham Park (White St). Provide your feedback via the online survey at or by email to (addressed to Council’s Open Space Projects Officer, Amy Barnes)

Consultation closes 9am Monday 11 October 2021. Comments received will contribute to the formation of a Draft Plan. Once prepared, all respondents will have an opportunity to comment on the Draft Plan.

The Artarmon Loop is a free weekday bus service, connecting the areas of St Leonards and Artarmon along two routes. The service aims to encourage the use of public transport, reduce car use and enhance the viability of the Artarmon business precinct. It is advertised as being wheelchair and mobility aid accessible with maps of the routes and wheelchair accessible bus stops.

The Loop is a another free weekday bus service with one of three routes providing transport through Artarmon to Chatswood, Northbridge and Willoughby. The WCC website also indicates the service provides a wheelchair accessible service.

The APA has learnt that the buses do not appear to provide the access stated on the Willoughby City Council website (see HERE) and the employees do not have appropriate training for disability services. The Disability Discrimination Act Transport Standards (2002) require Willoughby City Council (WCC) to provide an accessible community transport service.

The Artarmon Progress Association submission the WCC can be viewed HERE

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