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Update December 2, 2020 – The Artarmon Progress Association along with other local progress associations have written to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces to reiterate concerns regarding some aspects of the Western Harbour Tunnel (WHT) and Warringah Freeway Upgrade (WFU). The letter can be seen HERE.

March 21, 2020 – The Artarmon Progress Association (APA) has provided comments on the Western Harbour Tunnel (WHT) – Warringah Freeway (WY) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Given APA’s remit is to promote the welfare, physical and intellectual advancement of the suburb of Artarmon our submission is focused mainly on the Artarmon community.

The APA advised members of the WHT-WY EIS public consultation and exhibition period. Members were also invited to send their views to the APA to inform its submission.

In this submission the APA shares its concerns regarding the proposed WHT and WY projects and offers some suggestions as to how to address some of these concerns and maximize the benefits of the project to the community.

The APA would be happy to work with Transport for NSW to further develop each of the items proposed in this submission.

The comments submitted are HERE.

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